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Your Profile is Your First Frontier

We also found that getting laid in Canada online begins with your profile. Some worked better than others, and we were able to methodically record which profiles worked best and got us the most casual lays. Below are four profiles examples that you can use and that we found worked best for Winnipeg, Toronto, and Edmonton and Vancouver casual sex sites. This is to give you an idea of how you can get the edge over the competition on Canadian casual dating sites.

With casual sex in Canada, it is all about the confidence. If you are not confident with yourself and your abilities, women can smell it from a mile away, and it is a huge turnoff. Even though you are not a naturally confident person, the popular phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ applies here.

Remember that you are also selling a fantasy. It does not matter what you do with your life, or how boring your 9-5 job is. You can be anyone you want to be online. You can be 007 or anyone else for that matter. You only need to execute your new and exciting persona both online and when you actually meet up for casual encounters in Canada.

Winnipeg Causal Sex Site Profile Example

Casual dating sites in Canada are very different from ‘regular’ dating sites. How you create your profile is totally different. You can be anyone you want to be as long as you can live up to it. It is all about creating a persona that the women will love. Just make sure that you can execute it once you meet your date. How you write your interests is a big deal. Below is an example of how you can write your interests;

“I am an outdoors person; I like to be out of the house most times (unless of course there is a pretty girl holding me ‘hostage’ there). You will definitely find me outside kicking up dirt on my four-wheeler or at the shooting range blowing off some steam. You get the drift, doing everything that my momma warned me about!”

Toronto Casual Sex Site Profile Example

Again, it is all about how you portray your interests. Being a pervert will not help you out here. She understands that you are looking for casual sex in Canada, which is why you are on the site. Avoid describing what you intend on doing to her as part of your ‘interests’. Save the dirty talk for now. There will be a time and place for that (the bedroom). Humor will also go a long way in getting you laid. Girls always love a guy that can make them laugh.

“I work hard, I play hard. Doesn’t sound too interesting so far, right? I’m sorry I’m not a pervert! Seriously, I like to spend time with classy women that I can connect with physically and on an intellectual level. I am not childish, which is probably why I am giving men a bad name!”

Edmonton Causal Sex Site Profile Example

Your descriptions are also just as important as your interests on Canadian casual sex sites. You are both looking for sex, but classy women will never fall for all the macho talk with nothing to substantiate. Below is a great example that worked for ‘descriptions’ on your casual sex Canada profile.

“I know that we are all looking for sex, but there is a catch for me. I like a woman that can satisfy my mind as well as my body. In short, I like a girl with personality. Have you ever had your personality banged?? There is a first time for everything!”

Vancouver Casual Sex Site Profile Example

This also has to do with your description. Again, a little bit of humor will always work for you on casual dating sites. Although these women are looking for casual sex in Canada, they also want a guy that they can be comfortable around. Below is an example of a profile that worked great for us, and got us plenty of hot girls!

“You got me; sex is what I’m looking for, but with a little extra. I love a woman that I can spend as much time with in between the sheets and out of them. I like a woman with a great personality that I can still go out with and have a cool easy time, it simply not all about the sex for me.”


When it comes to casual encounters in Canada, think of it as marketing. You are simply selling yourself. Think about the things that stand out most about you, and that women love about you. It’s also all about your profile. If you come out douchy, you are not going to get laid. A little humor and class will guarantee you hot girls on our top three Canadian casual sex sites.

Also make sure that you read our casual dating guide for Canadians. This is your best hope for getting casual sex in Canada. Everything that you will ever need to know about getting laid in Canada is all here for you for free!

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